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Google has introduced a new feature for Google Translate called Phrasebook. As the name suggests, Phrasebook can be used to save commonly used phrases. The service now allows you to save a set of translations, i.e., the commonly used catchphrases in a given language, for quick translations, reference, and reuse. Without this handy feature, translating the same words or sentences over and over again becomes a repetitive exercise. With the Phrasebook, Google Translate users can keep track of the expressions they most commonly use.

To begin with, your Phrasebook will be empty, but you can populate it with your phrases by clicking the star under a translation you’ve just made. Now, even if you forget a word, you can click the Phrasebook icon above the upper-right corner of the box containing the translation to open your Phrasebook. Select the word or phrase you want to use and load it in the translation area with a click. You can filter your phrases by language pair, or search for a specific phrase. The text-to-speech icons next to the foreign phrases give you the vocal pronunciation.

Regular Google Translate users can easily re-purpose Phrasebook as a language learning tool. As Google says – “by revisiting the useful phrases in your Phrasebook from time to time, you can turn any brief translation into lasting knowledge.”

The Phrasebook is not only a tool for better communication with Google Translate but also a recall device that helps you use the right phrase at the right moment. Try the feature with a few translations and let Google (and us) know if you could break the language barriers.

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