We are going to see wild boars!

We are going to see wild boars!

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The Wild Boar (Dzik) is the wild ancestor of the domesticated pig. It lives in woodlands all over central Europe, and can be found throughout most of the forests of Poland. Wild boars are covered in a coat of coarse, bristle-like hairs ranging from dark grey to brown. They can reach up to 440 lb (200 kg) and can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long, and weigh up to 705 lb (320 kg). Male boar are generally larger than females. Wild boar have four continually growing tusks (kły), one in each quadrant of the jaw. If surprised or cornered they may become aggressive and can cause injury with their tusks. However, this is quite rare and usually only occurs if a sow feels the need to defend her piglets. Wild boar in Poland are usually found in herds – stada (‘sounders’) of around 20 individuals. Sounders are made up of females and their young. When males reach maturity they leave the group and live mainly on their own. Wild boar usually live to around 10 years of age, although some have been recorded living as long as 25 years. Herds of wild boar may travel together over a large home range, but do not migrate. Wild boar are omnivores (wszystkożerne) and feed on a wide variety of foodstuff, including: birds, reptiles, insects, eggs, leaves, roots and tubers, wood, fruit, seeds, mushrooms and dung! Wild boar are generally active at dusk (zmierzch), dawn (świt), and at night (noc). During the day they hide out in dense woodland or other thick cover to rest.

Wild boar are truely fascinating creatures and are present in fairly large numbers in the vast and unspoilt forests of the west of Poland. The numbers of boar Lubuskie are kept at a fairly constant level and in a healthy condition by various hunting clubs who manage the woodland to best benefit the boar.

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