Things you want to know about Poles

Things you want to know about Poles

Posted on 23. Feb, 2013 by in Countries, Culture, Nature

What are some things you always wanted to know about Polish people and weren’t in the least bit disinclined to ask?

Here  are some of them…:

1. “Polish facial characteristics”

No, there are no unique facial characteristics that enable you to identify a Pole . Most Poles believe that they can spot another Pole on the streets of London or Chicago just by glancing at them, but I think it’s all down to body language and clothes.

2. “Did Poland ever have any colonies?”

Hmmm… tricky one. Basically, no. Poland never had colonies in the same sense that France or Italy or Germany or Britain (ahem, largest empire in history, ahem) did. Having said that, for much of the Middle Ages Poland was substantially bigger than it is now and it’s kings ruled over huge parts of what are now the Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and Slovakia.

3. “Are Polish people short?”

I don’t think so! There are of course both short and tall people living in Poland, however I would not say they are short – there are actually quite a lot of tall Polish people (including beautiful models).

4. “Are Polish women beautiful?”

Yes, most of them are!

5. “Are Polish women crazy?”

Well, I guess it depends from the point of view…The first time I came to USA I wanted to sunbath topless on the beach (just because it is pretty normal in Poland…) and of course I was “the crazy Polish woman”!

6. “Do they have beautiful cars, live great life?”

This question comes up a lot…especially from someone who hasn’t been to Poland in 30 years and does not keep up with current news…All I want to say is that Poles quite often “drink old wine, eat moldy cheese and drive cars without roofs”  :))

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)


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