Going to the beach!

Creating memories (wspomnienia) along the waters edge is a blast whether you are there with the family, a loved one, your best group of friends or just by yourself.

Deciding which beach (plaża) is best for your day in the sun will help make the most of your time at the water. Maybe you want to surf (surfować), go snorkeling (nurkować) or simply lay on the sand (leżeć na piasku). Deciding on what you want your beach day to include will help narrow down the best option for you. Kids usually need bucket (wiaderko), shovel (łopatka), rake (grabie) and molds for the sand (foremki do piasku) so they can build sand castles (zamki z piasku).

One of the most important tasks for you to complete while at the beach is staying hydrated. Keep plenty of water (woda) on hand. There are usually some restaurants close by just in case you get hungry. Another great idea is to pack your own cooler that way you can ensure everyone is eating a healthy and balanced meal.

Gone are the days when a towel (ręcznik) would be enough. Now, there are umbrellas (parasole), chairs (krzesła), inflatable water toys (nadmuchiwane zabawki wodne) and coolers every ten feet.

We are living in a day and age where we have great information on the harmful affects of the suns rays. Take along a good sunscreen (krem z filtrem przeciwsłonecznym), sunglasses (okulary słoneczne) and a hat (czapka).

I think that’s pretty much it…I’ve been taking my daughter to the beach quite often and we always have so much fun! We live pretty close to the beach, so it is definitely easy for us!

Here is a video with some “beach words” pronunciation:

YouTube Preview Image

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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