Polish Interpreting Services

Ustne usługi tłumaczeniowe w języku polskim


Prestige Network is an award-winning Language Service Provider founded in 1991. From our headquarters in Berkshire, we provide Polish interpreters to clients across the UK including City institutions, legal firms, sports teams, the NHS and the Department for Work and Pensions.

When you need help with communication between English and Polish speakers, you can trust Prestige Network to provide you with the most professional and accurate Polish Interpreting Service available.


POLISH (POLSKI) is the first language for all of our professional Polish interpreters. We ensure that they are highly skilled at interpreting from English to Polish and from Polish to English. Each interpreter is aware of Polish customs and traditions and they will ensure that your communications are confidently and effectively executed throughout your dealings.

We ensure that your Polish Interpreting professional is a specialist in your chosen field, eg., medical, legal, technical, commercial, etc. so that you can be confident that your Polish communications are accurate and reliable. We uphold a strict recruitment policy, and handpick only the best interpreters for our clients.

We have been providing language services for over 25 years and provide Polish Translation services for any written material that needs to be translated between Polish and English including marketing material, websites and contracts.


Polish Interpreting for all Occasions

Our Polish language interpreting services include:

  • Polish Telephone Interpreting Services
  • Polish Face to Face Interpreting
  • Polish Conference Interpreting
  • Polish Court Interpreting Services
  • Public Service Polish Interpreting Services

We have Polish Interpreters for a host of situations where Polish Interpreting may be required (note: a ‘Polish Interpreter’ is often referred to as a ‘Polish Translator’). Whether your dealings are business, financial, legal, medical, social, technical, or academic related – we can offer you Polish Interpreting on both a regular and ad hoc basis.

As your interpreter will have a deep understanding of your field, they will be able to convey the finer nuances, jargon or technical industry language, relating to that field, accurately to your target audience. From court hearings to conferences, from interviews to business meetings, Prestige Network have Polish Interpreting and Polish Translation that turn all your communications into a success.


Types of Polish Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is when the interpreter begins his or her interpreting after the speaker has uttered a complete message. Once the interpreting has been completed, the speaker will begin again. This is the typical form of interpreting for job interviews, medical consultations etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting is where the interpreter conveys the source language into the target language as the speaker is talking. Frequently employed for larger groups (i.e. international conferences), simultaneous interpreting often requires significant preparations.


Within our wide range of Polish language services, you can also choose one of the following: